I sat down and drew some birds, finally! I love birds but I never draw them so when the other night I saw a Cedar Waxwing on my evening walk I came home and drew him in my sketchbook. That turned out so nicely I ended up doing two of my favorite birds right along side.




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One a Day

Sorry for the short break everyone. Things have been a bit crazy around here with closing on a house and work, etc etc. And now I’m getting sick so when it rains it pours!



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Jury Duty



I got called for jury duty last week. I never made it past the jury assembly room aka the waiting room you’re stuck in while they decided if they’re going to need you. I waited and waited for 2 days. By the mid-day on the second day I was pretty desperate for something to do, I can only read so much. Desperate measures lead to drawings of trashcans and half empty books shelves.


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Post 100



This will be our house on May 30th if all things go right. More details to come.


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A Church of God in Christ


Not a house but a store front church sort of in my neighborhood. Next to a Dairy Queen and across from a McDonald’s, it just has an interesting look to it. I was drawing from a couple quick phone photos that I took (while in the Dairy Queen drive thru, if you must know) so that’s my excuse for the wonky perspective.





In other news, I’m super excited that this is my 99th post. I definitely let this blog languish for a while but hitting the 100 post mark became a big goal for me only a couple months ago. So I’m one post away, I just have to decide what to post! At any rate, thank all of you for your comments, your likes and your follows, it keeps me drawing and I love see everything you guys are posting as well. Even if I don’t comment very much, rest assured I’m checking in, outside of what I post here I’m much more of a lurker than a commenter.  Go figure.

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I have not always loved watercolor. I used to think if you painted watercolor, you had to paint landscapes and grassy fields with barns. So I avoided watercolor, until a few years ago. And then I discovered 1) if you pay money for a decent set of watercolors, that is half the battle; 2) you don’t have to paint landscapes and grassy fields with barns (unless you want to).

So having avoided all the usual subject matter of the watercolor painter, I find myself wanting to circle back to figuring out how to do watercolor in a traditional sense. My usual style is something I call “fancy coloring book” – I drawing a picture, I color it in with watercolor. Recently I found this super lovely blog – that has really inspired me to challenge myself to lose the hard contour lines, and experiment a little.

I bought this bunch of freesia at the grocery the other day. It smells amazing. It comes out here a little more red than I think it was but that aside, I rather liked how this turned out.


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A Stones Throw from Hawthorne



This place was so nice – on the outside – my little drawing here doesn’t do it justice. Fresh white paint with bright red trim, with a nice tree in front and a little garage underneath. (called a tuck-under in the biz according to my realtor) It was nice on the first floor too, it even had one of those refrigerators designed to match the cabinets. Hidden in plain sight. The second floor was kind of weird rat’s nest of rooms that just gave me the willies to be in. I watch to many horror movies as you all know, so I can pretty easily spook myself going into all these empty house. Just the same, I think we’ll skip this one.


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These are the Rules


Do not deviate from them and remember to Always Be Meowing.

I previewed a part of this on Instagram, if you’re not following me I often post stuff there that doesn’t always make it here. Find me there, it’ll be fun!

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Sabin II

I’ve started the house hunting process recently. It seems like we’ve looked at one million houses so far, it’s tiring but it gives me something to draw. These are some of the duds, close calls and hopefully, my first house.


Another house we looked at in the Sabin neighborhood, we though about making an offer but in the end decided it was too far out. It was a cute house and we saw evidence of UW Alums living there – there was a UW Band book or yearbook maybe on one of the book shelves. You’d be surprised how many houses we’ve seen with evidence of Packer or Badger fans living there. We are legion.




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More Flowers




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